Adding Impact to Research

The purpose of INQUIRE Research Scholarships is to create the conditions for impactful research, relevant to the investment community, to be conducted by high calibre PhD students working closely with distinguished academic supervisors who have strong track records of research. Through a partnership between INQUIRE, its sponsors and universities, research projects are established capable of significant impact for the investment community. The scheme is currently restricted to those schools belonging to the INQUIRE panel of Business School Partners.


INQUIRE Research Scholarships have the following main features designed to facilitate research impact:

  • Awards are highly selective and nominees should have outstanding academic track records appropriate for membership of a high quality Ph.D programme.
  • Nominees should normally be:
    • in the first year of a four-year Ph.D programme, expecting to start the second year at the time of the award; or
    • in the second year of a five-year Ph.D programme, expecting to start the third year at the time of the award.
  • Preference is given to nominees with relevant experience and understanding of quantitative approaches to aspects of investment management.
  • Ph.D supervisor(s) should have a track record of excellent research relevant to the quantitative investment management industry.
  • Proposals should provide a clear indication of how practical impact for INQUIRE stakeholders will be generated through the research and the form that engagement with INQUIRE sponsors might take.
  • INQUIRE and interested sponsors work with the student and supervisor to develop selected proposals in directions that improve the likely success of the project from the practitioner perspective. This support can take many forms including:
    • help in refining ideas
    • identification of research problems
    • sharing of proprietary data or software (subject to confidentiality agreements)
    • internship opportunities and observational field research opportunities.
  • INQUIRE and its sponsors, while offering their support and collaboration, will at all times respect the independence of academic research.

Number and Value

The number of scholarships available will be announced each year.

Awards will be of at least £15,000, payable in instalments normally over 2 or 3 years.

Other things being equal, preference will be given to universities that are able to match the INQUIRE contribution towards the scholarship. Matched funding may also be available from INQUIRE sponsors and other sources.

Selection Process

Selection is in three stages:

Stage 1

Submission of applications, which should include:

  • a complete application form
  • an outline proposal of not more than five pages,
  • curricula vitae for student and supervisor(s)
  • the student’s academic transcript to date
  • at least two reference letters
    • one from the primary supervisor(s), and
    • and one from the Ph.D Programme Director confirming any matched funding available

Stage 2

For a selected short-list of applicants, presentations of proposals and feedback discussions between the INQUIRE Research Committee, student and supervisor(s). Presentations should be made by students. Potential sponsor partners may also be in attendance.

Stage 3

Final funding decisions and proposed partnership arrangements for successful applications are confirmed by the Council of INQUIRE.

Application and Selection 2015


Up to 2 scholarships will be awarded in 2015, in two rounds.

Stage 1

Round 1 is complete, and one scholarship has been awarded. A second scholarship is available under Round 2 and the window is NOW OPEN.

Applications should be submitted by 5pm BST on Friday 30 November, 2015. Please use the application form provided below to submit the materials outlined above by email to Peter Pope (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and Giuliano de Rossi (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Late applications cannot be accepted.

Stage 2

Presentations by candidates shortlisted will take place not later than 8 January 2016.

Stage 3

Final decisions will be confirmed to candidates not later than 15 January 2016.

Application and Selection 2016

Advance information

Up to 2 scholarships will be awarded in 2016. Details will be announced in spring 2016


Application Form