Finance in the 21st Century

The Institute for Quantitative Investment Research (INQUIRE) invites submissions of completed research papers to be presented at the next annual conference, to be held in Liverpool, UK, 19-21 March 2017. Members of both INQUIRE UK and INQUIRE Europe will participate in the conference. Confirmed speakers include Andrew Ang, Bruno Biais and Robert Whaley.

We invite submissions of papers in line with the conference theme “Finance in the 21st Century”. Papers in the following areas would be particularly suitable:

  • Liquidity;
  • Market structure;
  • Robo advisors and fintech;
  • Big data;
  • Passive versus active investment management and the role of ETFs;
  • Factor investing;
  • Investing in a negative interest rate environment and the impact of accommodative monetary policy;
  • Regulation (including Solvency II and research fee unbundling).

Submissions of research papers in other areas related to investment management and consistent with the overall theme are also encouraged.

A prize of £3000 will be awarded to the authors of the best paper presented, as selected by the INQUIRE Prize committee.

Please submit completed research papers along with a 2 page executive summary by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  The submission deadline is 30 September 2016.